One step further in speeding up recovery, reducing pain, and competition performance

Fast and effective SOLUTION

In any trauma process, beginning treatment early is essential. With the Proionic® system technology, the patient can be treated from the earliest stages of the rehabilitation process without adverse effects.

  • Reduces pain
  • Facilitates mobilisation
  • Regenerates tissue
  • Speeds healing
  • Promotes high performance

It safely and securely accelerates the natural repair mechanisms of the tissue for a speedy recovery and return to physical activity as soon as possible. Both in acute and chronic pathologies, the goal is to reduce pain and inflammation, speed healing and improve tissue elasticity.

One of the most common pathologies in competition animals. With INDIBA® Animal Health they can be treated from the very early stages to reduce inflammation and pain, thereby shortening recovery time.

INDIBA® Animal Health can be used for the non-invasive treatment of various body joints, namely carpal, tarsal, shoulder and the sacro-iliac region.

This is one of the main indications of INDIBA® Animal Health. It is particularly effective in the treatment of acute pain and inflammation.

Primarily for ulcers, wounds and muscle-skeletal injuries. Speeds up repair safely and painlessly. Can be used prior to surgery to facilitate operations and reduce the side effects of the intervention.

Comprehensive treatment to strengthen the resistance and elasticity of body tissue for intense physical effort, preparing bone and muscle tissue for the stress of exercise while preventing injury.

– Gestation

– Broken skin (applied directly)

– Thrombophlebitis


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