What is a cookie?

An information storage device that is downloaded to the computer or electronic device of the user when accessing a web page in order to store and retrieve information, essentially to make user browsing easier.

Why does INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to retrieve information in order to offer the user a faster browsing experience by not having to request data that has already been supplied. INDIBA S.A also uses cookies to analyse the behaviour of users as they browse the website, making it a very effective tool for rating the performance of the website and making improvements.

How does INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to obtain information that it considers useful. The types of cookies that it uses and the information it obtains from each is detailed below:

Types of cookies

Analytical cookies
These cookies are used to analyse user behaviour in an aggregated and anonymous way, including the number of visitors to the website and product specifications sheets, the origin of the visits, the date and time, platform, number of clicks on a specifications sheet, and the search terms used by a user to find the content they need. This offers INDIBA S.A a very useful medium for making improvements to the website and knowing what content or design is most relevant to the user.

Functional cookies
These cookies help give the user a better browsing experience on the site. One example of the use of this type of cookie is to store the details of the last search for a product in order to autofill the search engine, country, city of preference and last products viewed by the user.

Advertising cookies
We use these cookies to display ads on other pages so that we can offer ads that match the interests of users. In this case, we use both our own cookies and cookies stored by third parties.

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are necessary to display the web page properly and ensure that the site functions correctly. These cookies are related to the user session and login.

How can I obtain more information about cookies and manage and/or delete them?

You can find out more about cookies and the steps to disable their installation in the “Help” sections of each web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Note that disabling cookies could cause problems with our website access and browsing and in contracting our services.

For more information on how cookies work and how to delete them, you can visit the following links: www.aboutcookies.org and www.allaboutcookies.org

If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics on all web pages, visit this link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout