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INDIBA® Animal Health is the pioneering radio-frequency treatment in veterinary care.


One step further in speeding up recovery, reducing pain, and competition performance.


More than 170 references, scientific articles, dissertations and doctoral theses vouch for the effectiveness of INDIBA®

INDIBA, S.A. has designed and developed radio-frequency (RF) equipment for rehabilitation, pain, prevention and enhanced performance since 1983. RF elevates tissue temperature and bases its effects on the biological mechanisms that it triggers.

INDIBA® methodology uses a 448 kHz current, which, unlike other RF, acts at subthermal power to biostimulate and regenerate the tissue. This unique capability of INDIBA® also means that it can be used from the outset in the treatment of acute processes. The combination of thermal and non-thermal effects is what we refer to as the Proionic® System.

In 2010, INDIBA, S.A. developed its first Veterinary equipment with a patented, non-invasive and painless technology offering a pleasant experience and optimal results, allowing the animal to get back to competing more quickly.